Affordable Architectural Design Packages

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Completed architectural home design packages will range from approximately 1,500 sq/ft to 3,500 sq/ft. and be available for purchase at a fraction of the cost of a custom luxury architectural design.

Starting at $10,000 USD, each architectural design package will include...

...a complete set of architectural plans, environmentally-friendly material specifications and finishes that are all tastefully selected by TAG’s Design Team. They’ll be offered with foundation plans, either slab on grade or post & pier, as well as be fully engineered and stamped for local county permit submittal. In Hawaii, we intend to provide a list of contractors to choose from, whom will have already provided costing to build for each of these designs. Therefore, once a property is identified, having these construction figures enables a client to get a very close budget for their project right away.

Because these designs have already been completed, design time is eliminated! And with contractor bids in place...

these are enormous time-savers...

As well as a financial savings of about 6 months of carrying costs!!


  • Interior design packages and individualized design services, including solar, wind power, and water catchment may be incorporated into the design.
  • Color renders are available, upon request, to Realtors, Developers, and Property Investors who may wish to use on their MLS listing to attract buyers.
We hope that you share in our excitement for this new design product. The first 2 designs are currently underway.


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