Hauiki Luxury Community – Kauai, Hawaii

Hauiki Luxury Community is a lush, 37.5 acre residential development on Kauai, with rivers, streams, natural waterfalls and swimming pond. Tropical Architecture Group, Inc. (TAG) is a partner in this project as Hauiki’s chief Architectural Designer. The boundaries for the parcels have been set, although the project is in its infancy, with roads and infra-structure still needing to be installed. Out of the 9 lots, one of the parcels has been designated as a communal area. For this amazingly beautiful parcel, with waterfall and swimming pond, TAG has designed a clubhouse, several barbeque areas, and a guest house where owners can use for family and friends when they come to visit. In addition to designing the entrance gate, additional residential designs have been completed for several of the parcels, since the property sites will be sold with TAG’s luxury designs.