Designing for Today’s Casual Lifestyle

Casual Lifestyle, designing a casual lifestyle, Designing Today’s Casual Lifestyle

Today’s lifestyle is much more casual than those of past generations. Homes of the past were designed with formal living and dining rooms that were usually only used on holidays and special occasions. Kitchens were a separate room. These home designs reflected the lifestyle of more traditional times. However, over the years we’ve gradually become much more designing a casual lifestyle in every way, so our living spaces should be designed to suit the way we live.

We at Tropical Architecture Group, Inc. (TAG) prefer to design wide open spaces with fewer walls and open views with efficient use of space. We generally reserve walls for privacy, although there are always exceptions. What we call a “Great Room” consists of the living room, indoor dining, and kitchen all in one central living area. The cook is not left out of the conversation and fun.

Ultimately, a home is designed to reflect the lifestyle, personality, needs, and wants of its owners. To better understand this, we conduct a design consultation to learn the way our clients live and what’s important to them. We find out what they enjoy most and where they like to spend their time. As creatures of habit, people often feel that they need to have these traditional formal spaces. But as they give it further thought, they realize that these rooms may not be necessary if they are rarely going to be used.

When you custom design a home, you have the freedom to make it any way you like. We encourage clients to “think outside the box”…literally. Outdoor pavilions and open covered living spaces are a must in tropical climates and really add enjoyment to a tropical lifestyle. Being outside with views of nature is healing. Even if it’s chilly outside, sitting around an outdoor fireplace or fire pit is another cozy area to enjoy friends and family.

In today’s world of texting as a common form of communication, people are craving personal interaction. Okay, so if we no longer need formal separate rooms, how about warm, livable, comfortable spaces that encourage personal interaction and all being together!

Learn more about our process and how we can help you design a custom home reflecting your lifestyle by contacting us directly (we also love more personal interactions!).