Exciting New Design Packages

We at Tropical Architecture Group, Inc., (TAG) have been designing luxury custom homes since 2004. When we create custom designs for our clients, they have the freedom to design their home to whatever size, shape, and style they wish, and to include special features that cater to their individual lifestyle needs and specific desires. Clients who prefer a custom-designed home want an original design, where all the materials, finishes, and specifications throughout the home have been individually selected to suit their preferred quality level and aesthetic tastes. Custom Designs are still the TAG’s main focus of the business.

However, at the beginning of 2017, TAG recognized a strong need in the marketplace for people who wanted to simplify by having smaller, ready-to-go designs that are low-maintenance, eco-friendly, and affordable. This ignited an added division of the company, creating a design collection called…


Affordable Luxury & Healthy Conscious Living!

TAG Echo Chic

Who is this for?


  • Want a luxury design in a completely detailed set of architectural plans, with the materials, finishes, and specifications all included.
  • Are able to select what design best suits their needs from a collection of well-planned luxury design packages in various sizes and shapes.
  • Desire beauty in low maintenance, easy to care for, environmentally friendly, quality materials at reasonable prices.
  • Are “Baby Boomers” who are downsizing, start-up families, developers, property owners doing spec projects, or just someone who wants a luxury home on an affordable budget.

An Eco-Chic design is at a fraction of the cost of one of our custom designs. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to avoid the time and expense that it takes to do a custom design, and wishes to save on carrying costs by starting their building process as soon as possible.

How are these different from house plans?

There is nothing else like Eco-Chic affordable luxury design packages in the marketplace. House plans for sale are quite common, however, they are simple concept designs that have not been structurally engineered and therefore don’t have enough drawings to pass the county for permit approval, nor do they usually include foundation plans, material specifications, site plans, or the detailed construction documents for the general contractor to build the project. So they need to be completed and stamped by a professional architect or engineer.

TAG Echo Chic

What is included?

  • A fully-detailed, professional set of Architectural Plans
  • Foundation plans
  • Structural details
  • The Construction Documents needed to execute the plans efficiently
  • All plans are structurally engineered and stamped by an Architect or Structural Engineer, licensed in the State of Hawaii
  • Note: Since each property site is different, Tropical Architecture Group will create a site plan for you at no additional fee. This site-specific plan will then be stamped and signed and ready to submit for a permit at your local county building department. 

All materials and specifications have been carefully selected by TAG’s Design Team for their beauty, cost, low-maintenance, longevity, and sustainability.

This includes the style, details, and finishes for the following, all coordinated in tasteful color schemes:

  • Windows and Doors
  • Flooring
  • Cabinets
  • Countertops
  • Plumbing Fixtures
  • Lighting
  • Ceiling Treatments
  • Energy-Efficient Appliances
  • Suggested Furniture Layout, correctly sized for the designated space

Also, this complete design package allows General Contractors (GCs) to bid and build the project more accurately than a plan with less detail. Lastly, TAG follows all International Building Codes, including hurricane safety requirements with all their architectural designs.

The Eco-Chic Designer Home Collection has been created to put more ease into your life! Not only are you alleviating design time with all the work done for you upfront, but you’re also giving yourself added time to enjoy life by not spending as much time maintaining or fixing your home. More than ever before, people want low-maintenance, long-lasting products, and to be sustainable.

Guest House – One Bedroom-I BA. – 500 SQFT

Eco-Chic Guest House
Eco-Chic Guest House
Eco-Chic Guest House

Mandala – 3 Bedroom 2. 5BA 1, 820 SQFT

Eco-Chic Mandala House
Eco-Chic Mandala House

Let us help you find a design that suits your need –